GlittaKit- I’m New Here 2.0

GlittaKit- I’m New Here 2.0

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Kit- I’m New Here 2.0
  • I’m New Here 2.0 "Glittakit"- Perfect starter kit to begin step 2 of your “GlittaJourney”. You will be able to see, feel, lay and play with these different types of chunky glitters and even attempt Glitter designs such as Ombré, glitter swirl, and peek-a-boo etc. Refer to GlittaKit I'm New here 1.0. They work in conjunction with eachother and start your collection off right.
  • This kit will give you a crash course into “Glittarizing” your world. It will come with an array of our Chunky “Glitta’s” in opal, opaque, holographic, shattered glass collection, and our exclusive GG Custom Mix in a variation of sizes and styles.
  • 5 colors; iridescent mixes, opal mixes, holographic mixes, metallic mixes, and our GG Custom Mixes (which come with an array of styles and sizes)
  • Each color sold in 2 oz by weight
  • Polyester (PET) glitter
  • Solvent Resistant 
  • UV Resistant   
  • Sparkle will not dull 
***Sellers Disclaimer
Our photos/videos are taken in a combination of variations from natural indirect/direct sunlight and in a man made lighting environment. We do this in an attempt to display the colors in its truest possible form. Despite our efforts, colors still may vary from photos/videos. A variety of factors come into play which are first and foremost glitters are reflectors and shine off any lighting around its immediate vicinity, the camera used to take and view the picture plays an eminent role in its visual disposition. The buyer assumes all responsibility for the product once purchased. Due to the the manufacturing process the manufacturer as well as the seller cannot guarantee zero cross contamination. Products are manufactured in a factory along side other colors and variations and occasionally cross-contamination does occur. The buyer is to inspect the product thoroughly before application to ensure it is free of any random particles. Once the transfer of goods is complete the seller is not responsible in any way, shape, form or fashion for any misuse of any form to product. Any form of misuse or confusion on the buyers behalf will not result in money-back or exchange. 

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