Single Cup Turner With Drying Rack - Turners
Single Cup Turner With Drying Rack - Turners

Single Cup Turner With Drying Rack - Turners

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As you all know and seen in my tutorials on youtube @Glittaful I have always used my masbros cup turners because of its reliability and durability. If you know anything about me I only refer you to things that I have used and can stand behind. Masbros Turners are just that. We partnered with Masbros to bring you the exclusive to Glittaful only Masbros Black turners with a removable drying rack perfect for a beginner crafter or just a crafter in need an extra spinner to lighten the load. This turner is light weight with a sleek edgy design, foam inserts stabilize your cups so no more waking up in morning to a cup stuck on your silicone mat(don't worry it has happened to all of us) and lastly till this day has not overheated as you know happens often with some of the other turners out there. One more thing I want to stress is its stability while spinning your cups should be spinning in one circle motion not wobbling around this leads to bumbs, ridges, and most important loss time and more work. This Masbro turner is the way to go. 

Your package will include:

1 turner (Dims L - 11in x W 5.25in x H 5.25in with drying rack attachment H = 7.5 inches

4 foam inserts

1 drying rack with screw

2 detachable bars to assist in balancing the cup.

Trademark owned by Masbros inc. This is a collaboration item. Glittaful does not own any right to Masbros equipment and design.

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